Tools of the entrepreneur

Tools of the entrepreneur

Most people who tell you how to get rich focus on making money, telling you to work harder or longer, they tell you “just follow your dream” or some other bullshit one liner which sounds good and may be good, but is much too vague to actually get results.
You buy course after course, each one has a piece of the puzzle and is very good, but there is never a complete enough picture for you to feel confident in taking the first step. The primary reason people fail to work for themselves is because expecting to be told what to do is a habit. If you’re always told what to do, then you never learn to think and act for yourself.
Let me tell you, getting rich is not that hard, it’s not even hard work. You work a regular job which is more tedious and stressful than working for yourself ever will be.

So why do you stay in a regular job?  It’s what your parents taught you to do because they were never taught anything else.
People tell you to “follow your dream” but who says that?  If you think about it those people are the ones who gave up on their dream and are working regular jobs just like you.
I say different, whatever you do DON’T FOLLOW YOUR DREAM! Dreams are for sleeping,dreams are not real. Dreams are so abundantly cheap you can find dreams in fortune cookies and in cracker jack boxes.  Dreams are mirages they are illusions, like a bubble they vanish and then they leave you standing confused.  Dreams are fast and difficult to catch, if you follow your dream you will never find it.
If you want to live a dream, first you have to wake up.  You live in the REAL world,you play by the rules of the real world!  You cannot live a dream,dreams are not real.  You have to make it real if you want to be able to live in it.
In the real world you NEED money to make things happen. Money is NOT the goal or chief end. Money is a tool. Nothing more.  If you want to make something real you need tools,and hard work.
I’m not going to tell you how to make money,money is not the goal.  I’m not going to tell you which dreams to make real. That choice is yours.
Instead I’m giving you practical tools to make your dreams actually happen.
The first tool you need to make your dream is the mindset of an entrepreneur.
If you want something to happen in the real world you need to have money. The first bread and butter tool in an entrepreneur’s mind is thinking  “I want to do _________” ” Now how can I get this to pay for itself?”
“How can I make money doing this ?”  is the very FIRST and most critical step.  If you don’t know the answer immediately, RESEARCH it!  The internet is there for a reason USE IT!
The second critical step is to give up on your dream. It’s not a dream anymore it’s an obsession.  Take your obsession deep inside of you and make it a part of your life blood.  Pour your very soul into the obsession,and let it guide your actions.
Your obsession is a part of your very being now, making your obsession into reality is one of your most basic needs. You need it like you need air, it fills your mind durring your waking life and will not let itself be ignored until it achieves it’s goal.
The third step is motivation, you can’t sustain an obsession for very long.  It’s taxing in a way I can’t even begin to describe. It doesn’t seem like you’re doing much, but you are expending a truly tremendous amount of energy and it will inevitably leave you feeling drained and cause you to burn out.
If you don’t replenish that energy on a regular basis sooner or later you’ll be forced to drop your project and you  won’t feel like picking it up again.
When I need motivation I use one of several tools.
#1 Get your motivation from an alpha.  The one two punch of reading this guy’s stuff is just right when you need a good solid kick in the right direction. If I’m not in the mood for him, , , , , ,
Rhea Perry: This woman commands a lot of respect, amongst millionaires she is called “mama Rhea” Her business is being a mother. She taught all of her children to be entrepreneurs and they have gone on to be very successful business men. This woman taught me the foundational tools and introduced me to her impressively large support group of like minded entrepreneurs. It changed the way I think about money and has set me on the path to financial freedom.  Her services cost money, but the cost of her education is an investment that more than pays for itself.
While at her conference I had the opportunity to meet a friend of hers captain lou. This guy is just a regular guy. He used to sell window blinds door to door in new york city. He studied under the same mentor as Reha did and now he’s a millionaire and sells vacation cruses to wealthy entrepreneurs, creating an environment where business,education, and pleasure are one and the same. This guy isn’t all that motivating in his own right, but his story and the fact that he’s just an ordinary guy is really encouraging.
#2 Research:  If you don’t feel up to working on your new obsession then you’ve lost your fire for it. This is normal it happens all the time. You’ve simply forgotten why you were excited in the first place. So in your off time research your obsession and how to monetize it. This will not only remind you why you’re doing this, but will also give you a ton of brand new ideas on how to move forward.  Continue researching and motivating yourself until you’re just bursting with new ideas you have to try out.
#3 Hard manual labor, work out with weights or work to earn money. Either way work hard enough to make yourself totally exhausted. Tell yourself “I’m doing this to earn my freedom.” Tell yourself that you are going to quit your job to make your obsession your new job.
The fourth step: Focus make your primary focus on producing something of value, something that you can sell and make money now. Start with the low hanging fruit and work based on your abilities. Make sure it’s in line with your obsession, and make sure you can make something from it quickly. Modern society has brainwashed us into wanting and expecting an instant reward. It takes a LONG time to be successful and it can seem entirely hopeless before you break through and begin to see results. So getting tangible results early on is of paramount importance.  Set yourself up to make money right away even if it’s only a little bit.
The fifth step: get your product seen by as many people as possible. It doesn’t matter how great something is. Nobody is  going to buy it if nobody knows it exists.
The tool I use for this is .  I advertise with the services which are intended to drive traffic to websites. Sellers on there offer $5 gigs which will drive a guaranteed number of daily page views to your website for 30 days, just be sure to read the product descriptions before buying.
The sixth step: Reinvest your earnings into making your obsession earn more money.  Part of that investment is rewarding yourself. It doesn’t seem important, but rewarding yourself for genuine hard work and something you can be proud of is going to make you more productive. Rewarding yourself for insignificant things has the opposite effect and makes you lazier than you were before.
The seventh step: Learn, always be learning from your successes and failures. Don’t be discouraged by failure. Failure is just an opportunity to try again smarter. Always be thinking “how can I do this better?, how can I do this smarter?, how can I do this faster?, how can I do this differently?, how can I make this stand out?,how can I cater to the requests of my customers?”.
The eighth step: Take what you learned and use that knowledge to move forward.
The ninth step: Work on automating your system automate everything so it can work and make money for you without you having to do anything.
The tenth step: Freedom. Whatever you do don’t make your focus on money or, making money, make your focus on freedom. When you have money, don’t spend it on fruitless things. Spend your money on things that earn you more freedom and more money or save your money so that you have a security cushion.
The eleventh step: Start over. Once you have freedom, don’t stop working. Don’t ever let yourself get lazy. Once you have freedom and money, start over and create something new. You’re free and you have the tools, use these tools to make more of your dreams into reality.
Finally. If you’re stumped and don’t know where to start, or you need starting capitol. You can advertise someone else’s product and get paid for a portion of the sales. This is called “affiliate marketing”.  You can get paid to sell this very book. All of my affiliates earn 50% commission on every book they sell.   Sign up only requires a paypal account and an email address.

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