Be special to be treated special

Everyone wants to be special, everyone wants to be treated special.
Most everyone’s parents told them that they were special ever since they were young.

be special

In order for there to be any winners at all, there have to be some losers. In order for a person to be special they have to be able to do something that the vast majority of other people simply can’t.

Being special is not enough, if you want to get ahead in life.  While being special is well and good, it doesn’t matter much if nobody knows you exist.

The dark secret is that talent is a learned trait and the most successful people in the world aren’t anymore special than anyone else. They just worked hard and learned to do one thing and do it REALLY well,then were very persistent at continuing to do that one thing well.  After people have a reason to know your name and face, you are made of gold and anything and everything you do can and will make money.

Success is first and foremost a popularity contest and thanks to the magic of the internet anyone can become popular enough to become famous.

Yes anyone CAN become famous but most people never will.

Why?  Its because they don’t believe they have anything of value to offer.

Imagine that you’re a writer, and you know in your heart that you are a writer,you wake up every day and tell yourself and those around you that you’re a writer, but you never write anything.

Someone else who hates writing but does it every day,just to make ends meet is light years ahead of you.

Imagine that you are an artist and you know in your deepest innermost soul,and the substance of your very being that you’re an artist,you buy all the paints and equipment but you never paint anything.

You’ll lose out every single day to someone who hates painting but does it every day regardless,just to be able to afford to survive.

Imagine you are a singer and pretty good even astounding at it, but you never record anything or allow people to hear your music. It’s the product of your soul and just too valuable to give away for something as common as money.

The guy who’s only average at it but takes his work to a recording studio, selling the products of his very soul, will be the rich one. He values his work less than you do,so he’s willing to sell it just to be able to eat and survive another day.

People look up to those who produce things. The difference between them and you, is that they are hungry and you aren’t.


If you want to succeed you have to be broke and hungry enough to go out and do something. And you have to hate the 9 to 5 rat race even more than your hunger and desperation for food.

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