No bullshit guide to weight loss

You see weight loss methods everywhere.  Do this and you can look like this hot model, do that and you can look like this hot model.


Yet for some reason the more of these quick fix gimmicks you try, the more weight you gain rather than losing any. The dark secret is these tacky weigh loss programs, diet foods,diet pills,and artificial sweeteners are designed to make you gain weight.

That’s right, they are specifically designed to make you gain weight in the long run.


Simple greed.

You can’t sell diet stuff to a healthy skinny person.

So what’s the real truth about weight loss? Ironically Hollywood. Actors and actresses hire personal trainers and nutrition experts, who have them work out every day and eat specially catered low carb, high protein diets. The TV show extreme makeover, is the real truth.

So is there something which works as well as diet pills claim?

Oh yes there is! Its called steroids, steroids get the results that diet pills can only dream. Arnold Schwarzenegger is the living truth of steroids. Misused or used stupidly, they can cause considerable long term damage to your health and shorten your life span. Used properly they will make your sex drive insatiable,and will drastically improve the results you get from hard work to lose weight and build real muscle mass,stamina,and raw strength. They also improve recovery time.

Ignoring Hollywood and illicit steroids, what can a real person do to lose weight? The ironic thing is to change your focus.
Indtead of trying to lose weight, its much better to try and gain it.

I don’t mean binge eat on junk food,to gain weight in fat. I mean work hard and binge eat on meat and veggies to gain weight in raw muscle. Muscle is heavy, but it’s also active weight, muscle actively burns calories and consumes fat. The more muscle you have the harder it is to gain weight, and easier it is to lose it and keep it off.

If you’re a real person study body building.

If you’re a real person,and can’t afford to go to the gym, then google your nearest scrap yard. People scrap their weight sets all the time, iron weights work just as well when previously owned as brand new ones, but cost 1/10th the price.

Get a dumbbell and keep it by your bed. Get a heavy weight that you can lift at least 8 or 10 times before you can’t lift it anymore, but not so light that you can keep going after 20 times. Between 8 and 20 is the sweet spot,and if you can do more than that you should get a heavier weight.

It hurts to work your muscles to exhaustion and your body will fight you, but if you want to lose weight then you have to gain raw muscle by maxing out your muscles on a regular basis. Tight and achy sore muscles are good. Sharp pains are bad. Use common sense and learn your limits, but always push them. Push your limits every day, and try and do just a little better than before and you will not only get strong but you will also feel great and eventually begin to look great.

If you’re a woman and say “I don’t want to look like one of the guys”. That is the most pathetic excuse I’ve ever heard. I’m a guy and muscles are HOT on a woman. Telling me you don’t want to take care of yourself because you don’t want to be hot, is an instant turn off for me. If you don’t want to look like one of the she hulk muscle laden behemoths, simple: don’t shoot up testosterone. If you DO want to look like the nicely toned women in women’s health magazine, then use HEAVY weights and do real body building. As a woman it takes a LONG LONG time to change your physique and if you begin to dislike how you look in the mirror when you have muscles instead of flab, then you can simply stop.


Until next time —— Seeker

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