My take on survival.

My advice for bug out bags as well as survival is use everything you have in it on a regular if not daily basis. Make it your only option for a month or so. Take it from me there are a LOT of ways to make fire, fire is one of your smallest concerns. Simple is better a bic lighter works just as well now as it will when everything collapses. After a year you will maybe go through a 5 pack of bic lighters,plenty long enough that fire won’t be an issue when they run out. (Good trade item.) Your primary concerns are water a limitless supply of clean water (Good trade item.), good food and a practical way to cook it, especially perishables,fresh produce, eggs (chickens),milk. I recommend canning as much meat in pint mason jars as you do veggies. Ready made meals like beef stew are a plus. Believe me you want to be able to make meals with what you have,it really sucks to have a large food supply of your favorite home made jelly,and pickled okra. (Point made?) Your 3rd primary concern is electricity. (Yes we live in the modern world.) Bare minimum I recommend a 100W 18v solar panel, 3-5 good car or deep cycle trolling batteries,and a minimum 400W power inverter. That’s enough to start a car,it’s enough to charge cell phones,it’s enough to run lights, it’s enough to run small appliances,its enough to run power tools, it’s enough to pump water. It sucks to have a good car with a full tank of gas but a dead battery and no way to charge it. (Point made?) Your 4th primary concern is transportation if you run out of something you need to be able to get somewhere so that you can replenish your supply. I recommend a bicycle (It sure beats walking.) Especially an ebike (It sure beats peddling) In conclusion short term survival and long term survival are very different things. The simple fact of survival is survival sucks which is why people don’t go “survive” for fun. The real goal of survival is to make it suck less or avoid it if at all possible. If you have your infrastructure already built you will be able to flush your toilets instead of having to do the walk of shame with 5 gallon buckets in 20 degree weather. (Point made?)

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