Tools of the entrepreneur

Tools of the entrepreneur

Most people who tell you how to get rich focus on making money, telling you to work harder or longer, they tell you “just follow your dream” or some other bullshit one liner which sounds good and may be good, but is much too vague to actually get results.
You buy course after course, each one has a piece of the puzzle and is very good, but there is never a complete enough picture for you to feel confident in taking the first step. The primary reason people fail to work for themselves is because expecting to be told what to do is a habit. If you’re always told what to do, then you never learn to think and act for yourself.
Let me tell you, getting rich is not that hard, it’s not even hard work. You work a regular job which is more tedious and stressful than working for yourself ever will be.

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Happy New year from Seeker.

Greetings everyone it’s a new year and it’s a fantastic one at that!

Every year it’s traditional to make a new year’s resolution.
One thing to change or do better this year than the year before.
Every year it’s the same old story, you gave up on your new “resolution” only a few weeks into the new year, and nothing really changed.


You tell yourself every year that you are going to follow through with your resolution, and every year you fail.
There’s a simple 100% guaranteed way that you will never fail to meet your new year’s resolution ever again.

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Cheat code to life. My Feel like a million bucks formula.

Let me take a moment to let you in on a productivity secret that the rich and ultra rich take advantage of.
There is a class of compounds that you can take to make you smarter. Taking them gives you that “woke up on the good side of the bed” feeling,they make you focused and “in the zone” to get a lot accomplished in a short amount of time. Continue reading

Let me tell you about Sand Sculpt.

Sand sculpt is an invention of mine. It’s a very resilient reusable modeling material. It molds like wet sand,and sticks together like clay when hot and sets up rock hard when it cools.



Its waterproof,very sturdy,and difficult to break,cut,or tear when hard. If you use enough force it will bend or stretch rather than breaking. Since its reusable if you ever damage it or simply wish to recycle what you built. All you need to do is heat it and remold it again. Continue reading

Phenylethylamine the cure for love sickness

That’s what I said there is in fact a way to CURE love sickness, it’s fast and very effective.


Its called phenylethylamine HCL or PEA for short.

This stuff is the chemically pure form of the love chemical which is found in chocolate, it’s also naturally produced by your body. It’s what’s responsible for the uplifting mood and afterglow that you get when you’re in love and with your partner.
It’s also responsible for the really cruel side effects of love sickness, which is mostly withdrawal symptoms.
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