What is a creature of Heart?

What is a creature of heart? –A true story by Hiro-kun.


*A curious white rabbit with blue eyes sits before you*

A creature of heart is a special thing.
We’re born out of humans love for each other.

When our authors first create us they believe that they’re only playing imaginary games,as cute and fuzzy counterparts, with their most intimate and secret partners.

*Twitches his ears* But special feelings aren’t imaginary.
After a while our authors begin to feel each other’s touch through us.
We grow to where our authors start to love our cute and fuzzy selves.
In time we actually begin to take on personalities of our own unique and distinct from our creators.
After a while we are loved by our creators as we ourselves learn to love independent of them.

We aren’t imaginary. If we were only imaginary, we couldn’t feel, and we couldn’t love.
When a creature of heart hurts our creators feel it. *opens his eyes a little sad*
If we were only imaginary, our creators wouldn’t cry with us.

*Steps up and nuzzles into you* Creatures of heart are living things.
I know sometimes you don’t see us or recognize us. But it doesn’t make our feelings go away.
We need love and companionship just like anyone else. More so since it’s what we are made of.
*He twitches an ear* It’s our form of sustenance.

When our authors break up we are often left all alone someplace dark with nobody special to love and care for us.

All creatures of heart already have a home. Some of them very lonely and broken.

If you know that yours is hurting, please take care of them. They aren’t imaginary.
They are a real living part of you. They’re your heart. Your most secret and most deepest innermost self.


Survive your job and grow beyond it.

How to survive your job and grow beyond it.

So you hate your job?  GOOD that’s normal!
It has been said that 70% of people actively dislike their job.

That’s right when the majority of people do something, that thing is considered normal.

survive job grow beyond

As I’ve said many times before seemingly insurmountable problems reveal an easy solution.
All you need is a simple perspective shift to see it.

Sometimes hatred is a good thing. There is such a thing as a righteous hatred. People don’t hate things for no reason.
If you hate your job that means there’s something inherently wrong with it.

Alcohol is cheap, it numbs the mind and dulls the senses. TV is cheap, it numbs the mind and dulls the senses. If someone’s treating you poorly and drugging you to keep you complacent, it’s absolute lunacy to take your meds like a good little slave. Set the distractions aside, let your darkness build within you and see the system for what it really is.

Look at the intricate beauty of what you’re a part of. Your job is nothing more than a machine, a brilliantly crafted money making machine.

Shift your perspective: If the job is only a machine it’s beyond ridiculous to get mad at it. If the job is a machine and you’re not, then it’s beyond ridiculous to serve it.

Look at what you really have, you have a money making machine . You are the human it’s the machine, it works for you, you are the driver, not the driven.

You don’t work for your job, your job is just a dumb machine, it works for you.

So oil your machine, make it work well.

At home run your budget as a machine. You don’t work for it, it works for you to make you rich. Cut out big expenses entirely,and as many other expenses as you can. Own your car outright,even if it means selling your nice one and buying a used one for cash. I personally paid $340 cash to purchase my vehicle and own it outright,it’s not fancy, but it’s mechanically sound and gets me down the road. Own your house outright even if it means selling your nice one with the big mortgage and using that money to pay cash for a different one, get solar, get well water if you can.

It’s OK to simply have money in the bank. You don’t have to spend everything you have every month.


Now that you have money, USE it.  If you follow the above you’ll be pretty well to do, but you’ll never be rich.  Saving money will not make you rich. Saving money alone never made anyone rich. You need to take it a step further.

People say you have to spend money to make money. Well they’re almost right. You have to invest money to make money. Ignore the stock market, it’s just a ponzi scheme. Look into arbitrage and ways to create value. Ignore the big risk = big reward mantra. It’s simply not true. A good investment will give you a 5 to 10 times return on investment and come with very little risk. And ignore gurus and get rich quick schemes. I’m not saying they all don’t work,most of them do. I’m saying that the very act of using them as a crutch shows that you aren’t willing to put in the real work yourself.

You have to follow your way and educate yourself. Pick one good plan and stick to it,make it work,damn the consequences and the amount of time it may take. That’s how people actually get rich.

Write with soul

This website is a living extension of my soul, this is my life blood laid bare for all to read.
Some might call me a professional blogger but in reality I am a writer and my soul breathes through my work.


How do you become a writer?

By all the gods and standing stones, and the wind and the waves and the sea. You write things.
You don’t just write you pour your very soul into making your authored creations truly your own.

Every author has a story to tell, the difference between a master and a beginner is practice.
They say that it takes ten thousand hours to become a master at something and writing is no exception.

The difference between being a blogger and a writer is not much, only the kind of paper your write on and who your write for.
I am an author and a soul writer and when you write from your soul you can never go wrong.

People will see that your authorship breathes the very essence of your being and they will connect to it on some level.

Writing a good blog means bleeding what’s in your heart, onto the page, and doing it reliably and consistently.
Letting people read the product of your lifeblood,being inspired by it and sharing it with others.

The power of core confidence

Have you ever seen “the guy” you know the one whose core confidence is so great that no matter where he is or what he does he just exudes awesomeness wherever he goes, and attracts women like a magnet?

This man has what’s called core confidence. He’s the “it” the “one”. This is the alpha male.
This is the guy who’s simply unstoppable and he makes it look effortless, without ever losing his cool, without ever breaking form, and without ever losing his sense of style.

core confidence

This guy has his sense of core confidence so high as to be untouchable. This is every man’s dream everyone wants to be him.
Everyone that is except for him, and he really enjoys being himself. He makes it look easy because it is in fact easy for him.

So here’s how you get it.

Being “that guy” is easy it’s the easiest thing in the world. The secret is so simple that nobody can grasp what “it” is except for those who have “it”. It comes so naturally for those who have that core confidence, that they themselves cannot express in words what it is, leaving the rest of us to grasp at straws.

So what is “it”? It’s faith.  Faith in your own raw power being scarier than anything the world can throw at you.

tiger core confidence

To illustrate.  Look at the tiger.  The tiger is a powerful creature he doesn’t have anything to prove to anyone,he has already more than proven himself. The tiger knows he’s scary, he knows he’s powerful. You can tell by simply looking at him that he does whatever makes him happy without any thought about the consequences. A tiger is one of the most gentle creatures there is because he’s so powerful, so sure in his core confidence, that nobody doubts in his abilities, and so nobody ever challenges him. He chooses to be gentle because he has the choice not to be, and can most certainly deliver.

This is how you train yourself to get over yourself, to grasp firmly your core confidence and become “that guy”.

#1 Have faith that you are powerful, so powerful that your very presence is threatening and commands respect,
without ever having to demonstrate.
#2 If you’ve been hurt,build heavy walls around your emotions so you can’t be hurt again.
#3 Divorce yourself from all social consequences. This is very important.
#4 There are no consequences, do whatever improves your happiness
,and the happiness of those around you,both long and short term.
#5 There are no consequences. Delusional people build castles in the sky. Realistic ones move in and pay rent.
#6 Believe that you are allowed to have sex, that you are wanted even highly prized,
and that you are not only fully able to get it,but even deserve to be allowed to have it, and have it your way.
#7 Have options and create lots of them BUT choose the best for yourself in all areas of your life.

The world is filled with abundance. It’s yours to take and do with what you want.

Until next time: Seeker.

The drive to never quit.

Sometimes you lose all your motivation for living. You can’t explain how or why you got this way, but everything feels meaningless. You go about your life day in and day out without any passion or drive.


Face it you’re beaten, you’re stuck in a rut so deep that there’s no chance of getting out.

Although it doesn’t seem like it. This is the time you’re at your very strongest.

You are a powerful creature indeed if you can afford to be bored with your life.
If your biggest worry is the commercials at half time.

You are a god in the animal kingdom.
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So you want change?

People say they want change, there are countless injustices in the world that people want to change.

nothing so constant as change

The simple fact of the matter is that everything is in a constant state of change.  You can’t stop change no matter how much you may want to, no matter how hard you try.

Change is scary, get over it.

There is only one street and only two directions to go.  Continue reading

Tools of the entrepreneur

Tools of the entrepreneur

Most people who tell you how to get rich focus on making money, telling you to work harder or longer, they tell you “just follow your dream” or some other bullshit one liner which sounds good and may be good, but is much too vague to actually get results.
You buy course after course, each one has a piece of the puzzle and is very good, but there is never a complete enough picture for you to feel confident in taking the first step. The primary reason people fail to work for themselves is because expecting to be told what to do is a habit. If you’re always told what to do, then you never learn to think and act for yourself.
Let me tell you, getting rich is not that hard, it’s not even hard work. You work a regular job which is more tedious and stressful than working for yourself ever will be.

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Hunger is the key to success.

If you want to succeed you have to be broke and hungry enough to go out and do something.  Hunger the key to success , more so than anything else. When success is not an option, when you are hungry and your very survival depends on success, then and only then will your life change for the better.


You have to hate the 9 to 5 rat race even more than your hunger. It’s slavery,it’s a cage and you are a wild beast who would rather die than be chained up. Continue reading

Be special to be treated special

Everyone wants to be special, everyone wants to be treated special.
Most everyone’s parents told them that they were special ever since they were young.

be special

In order for there to be any winners at all, there have to be some losers. In order for a person to be special they have to be able to do something that the vast majority of other people simply can’t.

Being special is not enough, if you want to get ahead in life. Continue reading

You will resist change.

It’s simple physics. An object in motion tends to stay in motion, an object at rest tends to stay at rest.


You will resist change. Everything in the substance of your very being will fight against you,to try and keep you from making progress.

Don’t let it !

Once you build momentum and begin changing yourself for the better, it will be easy to keep going but difficult to stop.
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How I gather my thoughts before writing.

One of my readers asked me about my writing.  Specifically How I gather my thoughts and center myself.

“First of all I would like to say great blog!
I had a quick question in which I’d like to ask if you don’t mind.
I was interested to find out how you center yourself and clear
your thoughts prior to writing. I have had a tough time clearing my mind in getting my ideas
out. I truly do enjoy writing but it just seems like the first 10 to 15 minutes are
usually lost simply just trying to figure out how to begin.
Any suggestions or tips? Thanks!”

So here’s my process to create a post on my blog.

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Happy New year from Seeker.

Greetings everyone it’s a new year and it’s a fantastic one at that!

Every year it’s traditional to make a new year’s resolution.
One thing to change or do better this year than the year before.
Every year it’s the same old story, you gave up on your new “resolution” only a few weeks into the new year, and nothing really changed.


You tell yourself every year that you are going to follow through with your resolution, and every year you fail.
There’s a simple 100% guaranteed way that you will never fail to meet your new year’s resolution ever again.

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What is peacocking ?

Peacocking is a term used in the pick up artist community. Just like it sounds, it means to stand out, to make yourself known,to set yourself apart from the rest, like a peacock.


In the pick up  artist community,and for actual peacocks, this is used to attract women but in principal it gets you noticed by a wide variety of people, in a wide variety of situations. Continue reading

How to take criticism

Call me strange but I love criticism I can’t get enough of it.
Criticism is the most potent method of encouragement I can ever receive.

I take all criticism as constructive, it’s all pointers and tips on how to better yourself.


If it’s not constructive, then it’s not criticism. Nonconstructive criticism is just meaningless blather, empty words, useless hot air…….. until its not.

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The past can hurt

Everyone knows the past can hurt sometimes. This is a simple fact of life that everyone experiences sooner or later.

It’s how you deal with past hurts that determines your future. If dwelling on past hurts is preventing you from living in the now, then its a problem.

I can’t change the past, nobody can but the past doesn’t have to change the outcome of your future if you don’t let it.


Your destiny is yours, don’t be ruled by your past. Its FAR better to ignore the past entirely and let the pieces fall where they may,than it is to worry about the past and allow it to hinder your now and ultimately your future.

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Live every day as if it were your last.

Live every day as if it were your last. People say that as a means of encouragement,but it’s just plain depressing to me.
Hidden in this simple saying is the fear that one day your life will end,
that you should remember this fact and let that fear control how you are going to choose to live your life.


This guy hit the nail on the head. The purpose is to enjoy and celebrate life, to do your very best with the time that you have rather than worrying about worrying about what the future holds. Continue reading

Always look your best

People always tell you dress for success,they tell you to always look your best, but why?

Surely there MUST be a reason why people say this.


It turns out this phenomenon has been well documented it’s called the “halo effect”. In simple terms, one aspect of a person’s appearance changes your entire perception of them. The original example is the old depictions of catholic saints, they usually have a halo.
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How to be normal.

Some people wish to be normal. The way to be normal is easy just wait for it. If you wait your entire life you will be the single most boring and normal guy who ever lived.


Let me tell you being normal is great. Every morning you get to wake up early in the morning, to the sound of a noisy alarm clock, that you’re used to ignoring so you press the snooze button and let it blast you out of bed. You get up and make the same boring coffee because you don’t feel like doing anything without it. You get a quick shower, it if you’re lucky and didn’t sleep through that time, sometimes you don’t even wait for the water to get hot. Continue reading

What are you waiting for?

Waiting is one of my biggest fears. It seems like everyone is waiting for something.
For one reason or another something in the future seems more appealing than the present.


If you wait for success it will never come. People say that good things come to those who wait,but they’re wrong. If you wait forever you will live out your entire life never accomplishing anything and never being special. Good things don’t simply appear out of thin air, even in fairy tails someone or something has to set the dominoes in motion in order for something miraculous to happen. Continue reading

How long will it take to find success?

I hear it time and again,all over the internet. “How long does it take to find success?” Time and again I read the same answer from a wide variety of people.


People unanimously tell you that becoming successful takes a long damn time.
How long?
People say it takes 3 to 5 years to become successful. They say that building any business takes a long time, it’s not that hard to do, but it’s tedious and it doesn’t give you anything to show for it,until it starts working. You are lucky just to break even for the first several years. Continue reading

work smarter not harder

People say over and over “work smarter not harder”.


Other people say “work harder,work harder,work harder”


Well I’m not one of them.

When people say “work smarter not harder” what they mean is “If you’re smart enough you won’t have to work at all.”
When people say “work work work” what they mean is “work hard and big daddy will take care of you and give you your allowance”

Well I say they’re BOTH wrong. Continue reading

Motivation: Always keep moving forward.

The rule to success is simple “always keep moving forward”.
If you have a goal for success you have to pick something and stick with it, day in and day out.


You don’t have to work hard,to accomplish your dream but you DO have to work for it. You have to work a long time.
If you do just a little bit each and every day, you are going to eventually get to where you want to go.
If you do absolutely nothing towards moving forward you are never going to get anywhere.

Your chances of success are directly tied to the amount of effort you put into them. Continue reading

Make everything you do pay for itself.

Whenever I go out to buy something with my money, I have one thing always in the back of my mind.
“If I want it, someone else probably wants it too” This simple thought plays in my mind like a broken record.


If I want something bad enough to pay for it, then others might also want it bad enough to pay for it.
If others want it and are willing to pay for it and the price is right then you have an opportunity to buy it and sell it to someone who wants it more than you do.
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How I made $160 in the first 4 days of my blogging career.


How I made $160 in the first 4 days after creating my blog.

Its day 5 and since creating my first blog I used https://www.bluehost.com/ to make this website. It cost me $140 to make and purchase the url and 2 years of hosting.

In 4 day’s time I have made my first $160 of passive income. So that means I’ve already recovered my initial investment plus about $20. If you’ve ever tried making a blog of your own you would know that this is an extremely rare occurrence. Most blogs take a minimum of 3 years to produce much money at all and many of them never do.

How did I do it? Continue reading

The path of iron.

Waking up in the mornings and being ready to tackle life feels great. Even if the rest of your life sucks, waking up in the mornings and feeling power coursing through your very blood,makes things just a little easier.

This kind of,motivation,determination,and raw power comes only from the path of iron.


Let me tell you about the path of iron. Iron is a teacher and a mentor like no other, it is absolutely fair and it will never go easy on you. Iron does not flinch or back down if you talk back to it, and it does not give you anything unless you earn it fair and square.

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Cheat code to life. My Feel like a million bucks formula.

Let me take a moment to let you in on a productivity secret that the rich and ultra rich take advantage of.
There is a class of compounds that you can take to make you smarter. Taking them gives you that “woke up on the good side of the bed” feeling,they make you focused and “in the zone” to get a lot accomplished in a short amount of time. Continue reading

Why every man should chop wood.

There are some things that every man should do at least once in his life.
Chopping wood is one of those things. Its not only very manly but its also a great workout.


There is no better way to heat your house than a wood stove. Not only is it one of the cheapest heat sources available, its also beautiful and can be very romantic to curl up with your girl during a brisk a winter evening under a blanket,sipping hot cocoa, and chatting about the future. Continue reading

Phenylethylamine the cure for love sickness

That’s what I said there is in fact a way to CURE love sickness, it’s fast and very effective.


Its called phenylethylamine HCL or PEA for short.

This stuff is the chemically pure form of the love chemical which is found in chocolate, it’s also naturally produced by your body. It’s what’s responsible for the uplifting mood and afterglow that you get when you’re in love and with your partner.
It’s also responsible for the really cruel side effects of love sickness, which is mostly withdrawal symptoms.
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