You will resist change.

It’s simple physics. An object in motion tends to stay in motion, an object at rest tends to stay at rest.


You will resist change. Everything in the substance of your very being will fight against you,to try and keep you from making progress.

Don’t let it !

Once you build momentum and begin changing yourself for the better, it will be easy to keep going but difficult to stop.

Your mind and will are an internal force which can exert enough effort to change your entire lifestyle for the better, but only if you continue to exert that effort into actual productivity, for long enough to build momentum.

Once you have the momentum to be in a state of consistent change for the better then you are in a wonderful place for self improvement. It takes much less effort to keep going or even to pick up speed than it does to start moving in the first place.

This is why cars have to shift gears. You can get going up to a certain speed using one method, but once you get moving you have switch methods in order to accelerate even more.

If you want to accelerate really quickly then you have to make an active effort to keep changing and improving your methods. To accelerate quickly you have to shift gears quickly.

The company Amazon is an excellent example of this. Its a very young company, but they are constantly focused on improving themselves and improving their business. This last Christmas Amazon’s sales surpassed those of Walmart. They are growing at a truly obscene rate just because they are focused on as many methods of improvement as humanly possible. Walmart changes pretty quickly as well, but Amazon made change for the better an integral part of their philosophy.

They also made listening to people an integral part of their business. They listen to their employees, and they listen to their customers, everyone has a voice and everyone matters.

Be like Amazon and adapt to your environment,as fast as you can, listen and learn from your customers, become the best, and people will beat a path to your door.


Until next time ——- Seeker.

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