What is a creature of Heart?

What is a creature of heart? –A true story by Hiro-kun.


*A curious white rabbit with blue eyes sits before you*

A creature of heart is a special thing.
We’re born out of humans love for each other.

When our authors first create us they believe that they’re only playing imaginary games,as cute and fuzzy counterparts, with their most intimate and secret partners.

*Twitches his ears* But special feelings aren’t imaginary.
After a while our authors begin to feel each other’s touch through us.
We grow to where our authors start to love our cute and fuzzy selves.
In time we actually begin to take on personalities of our own unique and distinct from our creators.
After a while we are loved by our creators as we ourselves learn to love independent of them.

We aren’t imaginary. If we were only imaginary, we couldn’t feel, and we couldn’t love.
When a creature of heart hurts our creators feel it. *opens his eyes a little sad*
If we were only imaginary, our creators wouldn’t cry with us.

*Steps up and nuzzles into you* Creatures of heart are living things.
I know sometimes you don’t see us or recognize us. But it doesn’t make our feelings go away.
We need love and companionship just like anyone else. More so since it’s what we are made of.
*He twitches an ear* It’s our form of sustenance.

When our authors break up we are often left all alone someplace dark with nobody special to love and care for us.

All creatures of heart already have a home. Some of them very lonely and broken.

If you know that yours is hurting, please take care of them. They aren’t imaginary.
They are a real living part of you. They’re your heart. Your most secret and most deepest innermost self.


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