The power of stay.

When you love someone you want to stay with them. But sooner or later there will be fights that push you apart. It happens that way.


No matter how big the fight. There’s something very simple you can do to make the fighting stop.
Relationships aren’t hard they’re very easy. Sometimes too easy for people to understand them.

You see most fights aren’t about the fight at all. It seems kind of silly but most fights start because the person loves you and wants to be with you. It can start with something very little, you might not even notice it. The fights start when something you did, no matter how silly makes the other person scared that you might not want to be with them someday.

They start to worry because they know it will hurt them very badly if you leave. It makes them nervous and they start looking for other signs that you might not want to stay. When they find something, no matter how silly it may be. They try to confront you with it. It might be so silly that you ignore them. This is what makes fights start.

Ignoring someone is further from stay. And it makes the person worry more.

At first the fights might be little,they might be silly, they might be stupid. But fights are the opposite of stay.
You might not want to leave. But you start to worry and then you start to look for other things because you wonder why this person who loves you is acting this way. Why are they pushing you away if they want to be with you?

You might not know it. But they do want to be with you. Lots and lots. They fight because they get scared. If the scared is confirmed. They get jealous. If the jealousy is confirmed they get mean. They might even hurt you because they think you can’t stay unless they make you. And they know it will hurt them if you leave.

*he giggles softly* Do you see? It’s really very easy. Here let me draw you a picture.

*He sticks out his tongue while holding a crayon with his ear*

You see if you take a line. *He points with his ears*

This side is stay <——-♥——-> And this side is go.

You see how they pull the heart apart?

The fights might be really bad now. You might even be afraid of what might happen.
*He moves the heart* <————-♥-> The mean words and all the fights are because you are a very long ways away from stay right now. It makes you both very sad and hurt. They don’t want to be mean to you. Honest.

You might think you need to hide and protect yourself. *He winces* Hiding is farther from stay. If the relationship has always been bad it’s important. If you want to go or you have to go. You need to only go. ————♥-> —♥> —-> ♥
You need to make up your mind. Anything closer to stay is stay. Even if it’s just a little stay is stay. If it’s a tug of war match between stay and go. Your heart will always always win.

If the relationship started out good, and you want it to be good again. Remember stay.
<–♥————> <————-♥-
<—–♥———> <———-♥—-
<——–♥——> <——-♥——-
<———–♥—> <—-♥———-
<————–> ♥♥ <————–

Make up your mind to only stay. And only do things that help you get closer to stay.
And all the fights will go away. Because fights are go, they don’t have any stay in them. Whenever a fight happens go closer to stay and the fight will disappear.


Stay is the only word you need to know in a relationship.
Stay tells you how to make someone very happy.
And stay tells you how to make them hurt.

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