Survive your job and grow beyond it.

How to survive your job and grow beyond it.

So you hate your job?  GOOD that’s normal!
It has been said that 70% of people actively dislike their job.

That’s right when the majority of people do something, that thing is considered normal.

survive job grow beyond

As I’ve said many times before seemingly insurmountable problems reveal an easy solution.
All you need is a simple perspective shift to see it.

Sometimes hatred is a good thing. There is such a thing as a righteous hatred. People don’t hate things for no reason.
If you hate your job that means there’s something inherently wrong with it.

Alcohol is cheap, it numbs the mind and dulls the senses. TV is cheap, it numbs the mind and dulls the senses. If someone’s treating you poorly and drugging you to keep you complacent, it’s absolute lunacy to take your meds like a good little slave. Set the distractions aside, let your darkness build within you and see the system for what it really is.

Look at the intricate beauty of what you’re a part of. Your job is nothing more than a machine, a brilliantly crafted money making machine.

Shift your perspective: If the job is only a machine it’s beyond ridiculous to get mad at it. If the job is a machine and you’re not, then it’s beyond ridiculous to serve it.

Look at what you really have, you have a money making machine . You are the human it’s the machine, it works for you, you are the driver, not the driven.

You don’t work for your job, your job is just a dumb machine, it works for you.

So oil your machine, make it work well.

At home run your budget as a machine. You don’t work for it, it works for you to make you rich. Cut out big expenses entirely,and as many other expenses as you can. Own your car outright,even if it means selling your nice one and buying a used one for cash. I personally paid $340 cash to purchase my vehicle and own it outright,it’s not fancy, but it’s mechanically sound and gets me down the road. Own your house outright even if it means selling your nice one with the big mortgage and using that money to pay cash for a different one, get solar, get well water if you can.

It’s OK to simply have money in the bank. You don’t have to spend everything you have every month.


Now that you have money, USE it.  If you follow the above you’ll be pretty well to do, but you’ll never be rich.  Saving money will not make you rich. Saving money alone never made anyone rich. You need to take it a step further.

People say you have to spend money to make money. Well they’re almost right. You have to invest money to make money. Ignore the stock market, it’s just a ponzi scheme. Look into arbitrage and ways to create value. Ignore the big risk = big reward mantra. It’s simply not true. A good investment will give you a 5 to 10 times return on investment and come with very little risk. And ignore gurus and get rich quick schemes. I’m not saying they all don’t work,most of them do. I’m saying that the very act of using them as a crutch shows that you aren’t willing to put in the real work yourself.

You have to follow your way and educate yourself. Pick one good plan and stick to it,make it work,damn the consequences and the amount of time it may take. That’s how people actually get rich.

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