The science of building muscle.

The realistic way to build muscle, get lean and stay lean.

All that fancy exercise equipment will never do anything new. Animals in the jungle don’t have it and they have muscle they’re lean and ripped. This isn’t something new it’s not latest and greatest. This is something ancient archaic beyond reason. It’s not complex,it’s very simple. This is primal truth, not watered down by society.

This one piece of exercise equipment is tried and true.  It has been in development for thousands of years and hasn’t changed much and for good reason.  This does everything the fancy equipment does and does it better.  It also does something the fancy equipment does not.  It’ll stub your toe and remind you to use it every morning. Put it at the foot of  your bed or wherever you spend your most time. It will stare you in the face until you pick it up.  Unlike the other equipment it expects honesty.

You can find it cheaply. Any common scrap yard often has weights, Craig’s list, yard sales. Or even your friends. You can have them for free or nearly free if you look.

What you do to pick the correct weight is you listen to it.  The right weight will hurt you. It’s sole purpose is to hurt you. If you lift that weight 8-12 times and it forces you to drop it then it’s right for you. If you have to drop it before 8 it’s too heavy. If you can lift it more than 40 times before it makes you drop it, your weight is too light and it’s time to upgrade.  As long as you get sore muscles after using it, you know it’s working.  Use it regularly you get results.



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