Let me tell you about Sand Sculpt.

Sand sculpt is an invention of mine. It’s a very resilient reusable modeling material. It molds like wet sand,and sticks together like clay when hot and sets up rock hard when it cools.



Its waterproof,very sturdy,and difficult to break,cut,or tear when hard. If you use enough force it will bend or stretch rather than breaking. Since its reusable if you ever damage it or simply wish to recycle what you built. All you need to do is heat it and remold it again.

Sand sculpt is a very unique,product. You cannot find anything remotely like it anywhere on the internet. I personally use it for making custom replacement handles for household tools. It’s strength,weight,and texture are excellent for making grips on countless items. As well as for molding your own shapes and sculptures.  The possibilities are virtually endless.  It withstands chemicals and solvents such as gasoline very well. The one thing it doesn’t tolerate well is heat. It melts at 60C (140F)


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