What I’m doing with my life and how you can make money blogging.

Hey everyone it’s been a while.

So here’s what I’ve been up to.
I’ve found a person who can help me manufacture and produce my invention.

Let me tell you about Sand Sculpt.

I went to the educating for success conference by Rhea Perry.
https://www.rheaperry.com/ She’s a wonderful woman and a homeschooling mom who has a passion for the next generation.

I met this guy. Not the president. The other one. Daniel Miller of Cydec Software.
I talked to him a while and got his personal phone number.

I created a facebook seller page with many products.

The past few days based on the advice of the speakers there I’ve created an online business and got my first sale in two days.   Where I’ve added a whole bunch of solar and survival themed products.

https://seekers-solar.myshopify.com/  I’ve added lots of awesome things and continue to add more every day.

With a new store I’m up and running.

Now let’s get to the meat and potatoes of how this works to earn an income.

You use a bank account to connect to paypal to collect money. You connect paypal to shopify to host products for sale. You use oberlo to find products to sell. And you use Facebook to advertise your products so that people can see them If enough people see them a few will hopefully buy them.

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