Hunger is the key to success.

If you want to succeed you have to be broke and hungry enough to go out and do something.  Hunger the key to success , more so than anything else. When success is not an option, when you are hungry and your very survival depends on success, then and only then will your life change for the better.


You have to hate the 9 to 5 rat race even more than your hunger. It’s slavery,it’s a cage and you are a wild beast who would rather die than be chained up.

When you get to a state of “I HAVE to make money and eat, or I’m going to rip out someone’s throat and gorge myself on raw meat” Then and only then will you have the drive to really get your breakthrough.

Hunger is a POWERFUL motivator like no other, open it up and let your inner animal drive you. Then and only then will you understand what it means to be an apex predator. Only then can you find the power you need to succeed. You WILL succeed or you will die of starvation before going back to a life in an invisible cage.

hunger for success

Working a job is comfortable, you get your allowance from big daddy corporation and if you’re a good beast of burden your master will feed you and take care of you. You just have to work every day of your life and take the mystery pills that your friendly neighborhood doctor gives your to numb the pain of your servitude.

free skeletons

How hungry are you? ————– Seeker

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