How to tell a good elixir.

How to tell a good elixir.

#1 A good elixir should immediately charge up your body the moment it touches your tongue. #2 A good elixir should draw you in. You may want to keep it by your bed side. You may want to spend time near it’s container or wear it as jewelry. You may respond very positively to eating it, savoring it, taking the extra time to lick it off your fingers. #3 A good elixir is very gentile it should not have any harmful side effects. It should only feel like good food. The same way eating large quantities of fresh fruit or veggies make you feel. It should uplift you, and should not feel like a drug. It should not be addictive. #4 A good elixir taken consistently may alter your sleep patterns. You may have very vivid lucid dreams, and you may wake up in the middle of the night. The need for sleep at all may be significantly reduced. #5 A good elixir may improve your body’s basic functions. Thinking,learning,hearing,sense of smell,healing,regeneration. #6 a good elixir should work on its own. It should not require any special diets fasts, meditation, or other silly nonsense in order to work. It should however significantly reduce the length of time it takes to achieve results with anything you do physical or spiritual. #7 The effects that a good elixir gives you should be permanent. If you quit taking it any health benefits or healing should remain yours. Any mental benefits you gained should remain yours. Any psychic or spiritual benefits should remain yours. #8 The dose of a good elixir may be very small. Ranging between the size of a dime, to the size of a grain of rice,it may even have to be diluted and only a single drop taken.#9 The effects of a good elixir are cumulative. It may have an exponential benefit so that progressively smaller consecutive doses over many days have a much greater effect than much larger initial doses. #10 A good elixir should be bio-available. It should dissolve completely in water and not be chalky or powdery. #11 The effects of a good elixir should last. After you quit taking it the effects should gradually taper off over the course of a week or so. #12 Over time good elixir may gently heal things unexpected. It may heal the terminally ill. It may halt and even reverse the effects of aging. It may heal a broken heart. In my opinion this last one is the most precious and valuable of all.

Fiction?  No.
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