The drive to never quit.

Sometimes you lose all your motivation for living. You can’t explain how or why you got this way, but everything feels meaningless. You go about your life day in and day out without any passion or drive.


Face it you’re beaten, you’re stuck in a rut so deep that there’s no chance of getting out.

Although it doesn’t seem like it. This is the time you’re at your very strongest.

You are a powerful creature indeed if you can afford to be bored with your life.
If your biggest worry is the commercials at half time.

You are a god in the animal kingdom.

You have food you have shelter, you have everything you need to survive, if not you can get it easily and quickly. You have no predators that will steal your kill, you have no hunters trying to kill and eat you.

Look at yourself, look at your life. You my friend are invincible.
You are so powerful that your life is too easy to be worth changing.

You are a creature of immense power indeed,when you can have countless thousands of servants grow and harvest wheat,grow and harvest tomatoes,grow and harvest lettuce,grow and harvest onions, ferment apples into vinegar,dig up potatoes,and press grains into oil, ship all of these things from across continents,at the cost of drilling deep into the earth to burn the remains of your most distant ancestors who discovered fire in the first place, AND cook it for you in only moments any time day or night 24-7 all to be had solely for the courtesy just a smile and a piece of paper.

Think about that next time you order a burger and fries.


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