My take on survival.

My advice for bug out bags as well as survival is use everything you have in it on a regular if not daily basis. Make it your only option for a month or so. Take it from me there are a LOT of ways to make fire, fire is one of your smallest concerns. Simple is better a bic lighter works just as well now as it will when everything collapses. After a year you will maybe go through a 5 pack of bic lighters,plenty long enough that fire won’t be an issue when they run out. (Good trade item.) Your primary concerns are water a limitless supply of clean water (Good trade item.), good food and a practical way to cook it, especially perishables,fresh produce, eggs (chickens),milk. I recommend canning as much meat in pint mason jars as you do veggies. Ready made meals like beef stew are a plus. Believe me you want to be able to make meals with what you have,it really sucks to have a large food supply of your favorite home made jelly,and pickled okra. (Point made?) Your 3rd primary concern is electricity. (Yes we live in the modern world.) Bare minimum I recommend a 100W 18v solar panel, 3-5 good car or deep cycle trolling batteries,and a minimum 400W power inverter. That’s enough to start a car,it’s enough to charge cell phones,it’s enough to run lights, it’s enough to run small appliances,its enough to run power tools, it’s enough to pump water. It sucks to have a good car with a full tank of gas but a dead battery and no way to charge it. (Point made?) Your 4th primary concern is transportation if you run out of something you need to be able to get somewhere so that you can replenish your supply. I recommend a bicycle (It sure beats walking.) Especially an ebike (It sure beats peddling) In conclusion short term survival and long term survival are very different things. The simple fact of survival is survival sucks which is why people don’t go “survive” for fun. The real goal of survival is to make it suck less or avoid it if at all possible. If you have your infrastructure already built you will be able to flush your toilets instead of having to do the walk of shame with 5 gallon buckets in 20 degree weather. (Point made?)

Seeker’s solar.

I recently had a great time at the educating for success conference. I learned a lot about online business.

I had another marketer create a Facebook business page for me.

After leaving the conference I was inspired to create an online store that sells solar and off grid products.

However once I learned how easy it is to create a store with shopify, like potato chips I couldn’t have just one niche market.

So I filled up my store with a whole bunch of other stuff and put it over there.

Any way I had a great time and learned a lot.  I got my first sale in 2 days, and I’m pretty excited.


What I’m doing with my life and how you can make money blogging.

Hey everyone it’s been a while.

So here’s what I’ve been up to.
I’ve found a person who can help me manufacture and produce my invention.

Let me tell you about Sand Sculpt.

I went to the educating for success conference by Rhea Perry. She’s a wonderful woman and a homeschooling mom who has a passion for the next generation.

I met this guy. Not the president. The other one. Daniel Miller of Cydec Software.
I talked to him a while and got his personal phone number.

I created a facebook seller page with many products.

The past few days based on the advice of the speakers there I’ve created an online business and got my first sale in two days.   Where I’ve added a whole bunch of solar and survival themed products.  I’ve added lots of awesome things and continue to add more every day.

With a new store I’m up and running.

Now let’s get to the meat and potatoes of how this works to earn an income.

You use a bank account to connect to paypal to collect money. You connect paypal to shopify to host products for sale. You use oberlo to find products to sell. And you use Facebook to advertise your products so that people can see them If enough people see them a few will hopefully buy them.

The world’s worst website.

The world’s worst website

Sometimes you just come across something so hilarious you have to share it.

Some things are so bad they’re good. Especially when they hearken to the olden days of modern computing. I give you for your enjoyment and disgust! The world’s worst websites!   (Do put this through google translate)



The science of building muscle.

The realistic way to build muscle, get lean and stay lean.

All that fancy exercise equipment will never do anything new. Animals in the jungle don’t have it and they have muscle they’re lean and ripped. This isn’t something new it’s not latest and greatest. This is something ancient archaic beyond reason. It’s not complex,it’s very simple. This is primal truth, not watered down by society.

This one piece of exercise equipment is tried and true.  It has been in development for thousands of years and hasn’t changed much and for good reason.  This does everything the fancy equipment does and does it better.  It also does something the fancy equipment does not.  It’ll stub your toe and remind you to use it every morning. Put it at the foot of  your bed or wherever you spend your most time. It will stare you in the face until you pick it up.  Unlike the other equipment it expects honesty.

You can find it cheaply. Any common scrap yard often has weights, Craig’s list, yard sales. Or even your friends. You can have them for free or nearly free if you look.

What you do to pick the correct weight is you listen to it.  The right weight will hurt you. It’s sole purpose is to hurt you. If you lift that weight 8-12 times and it forces you to drop it then it’s right for you. If you have to drop it before 8 it’s too heavy. If you can lift it more than 40 times before it makes you drop it, your weight is too light and it’s time to upgrade.  As long as you get sore muscles after using it, you know it’s working.  Use it regularly you get results.



The danger of mundanity.

This is a story based on a dream I had.

Here I am a walker. Alone in the universe. I have walked this universe for 1300 years and seen more than my heart can bear.
There that castle it was a great center of learning of power and magic. The building used to hum with magical energy the very rocks of its foundation would pulsate as though they had a heart beat of their own. Some say that if you weren’t learned in the magical arts that if you set foot in the building you would quickly die.

This is an old wives tale a farce for those who don’t understand. It was often the students of the craft themselves who would be harmed or killed without properly preparing themselves.

This world used to be great. This world used to be full of life and substance, meaning and adventure. Our art, our craft is torn from us forcibly ripped from existence itself. We are powerless to stop them. Our only defense is to hide and pray for a better day. Maybe our brothers can open a gateway into another universe. I doubt it. There are too few of us now.
Our only defense is concealment. Even then it’s a fools errand.

Even my grand elixir which has kept me youthful and immortal for many centuries is losing it’s potency. I’m in good health but I expect I shall die soon. Soon for an immortal any way.

I suppose it started around the end of the dark ages. If you can call them that. It was the height of our empire a time of festival a time of war. The dragons were many and numerous. The giants. The unicorns. All gone now. These races still live at least shadows of them do.

Come the end of the dark ages reading became allowed instead of brothers and students of the art who were hand selected by great lineage, it became possible for the common folk to come and study at the great libraries. Little did we know the dangers, little did we know. Had we known we might have slain them for walking into the places of learning. But it seemed harmless enough.

Men who lacked the second sight, who were incapable of understanding the scared tomes of our ancestors could handle them without harm, without the usual purification rites. Our students employed them seeking knowledge that was long kept hidden.

The mundanes themselves learned to write the sacred language. Instead of writing weaving crafting every symbol for it’s exact meaning. They would write in a plain language. Using our noble craft for menial tasks. And it worked. It worked all too well. A new power was born they called it science. He growls under his breath science that word is so vile I hate to spit it from my tongue.

This science is itself a form of magic a deep all pervasive magic. It’s written from the tongues of the ancients and it has perverted them. The farce is that it exists to help common men understand the universe around them. To find coherence in a chaotic world. He seethes from the very depths of his soul. No that’s not what science is. Science is a diabolical and powerful magic.

The mundanes have a power, a power like no other. In the days of old we taught our own that language is sacred that words have power. We taught them the old ways of forming syllables that would stir up the arcane forces from deep within the earth. We created great monuments to collect and harness these forces.

The men of learning, the men of science but lacked the second sight could not understand. Scriveners would translate our sacred tomes without knowing the rites needed to preserve the arcane forces within their pages.

These new tomes are dangerous. They contain reams of knowledge but not one lick of understanding. No hint of their direct and practical meaning. The sacred language the sigils of old written and ordered to be empty of meaning. This is dark and clever.

The belief of even the mundanes has power. It’s nothing compared to the masters of old but collectively they use it on a scale that our ancestors could never imagine. They train themselves in schools from a very young age. Their self delusion praising the almighty science and it’s illusion of rational thinking while turning around and using it as a shield a lock that inhibits the very ways of reason and understanding which make the arcane forces accessible to mortal men.

The sacred language creates the very foundations of the universe we live in. Never did we stop and think. Never could we have imagined that magic itself could be used to erase itself from existence.

Then the machines first by horses then by wood. Little did they know what they were doing. How could they? Each new development from this science further confounded the natures of the world. These machines draw the arcane forces into themselves.The elements of fire and water created steam the steam used to drive engines.

The land of the unicorns burned. Without their sacred groves and the waters within the unicorns could never reach maturity they could never grow their precious horns. The were captured and bred and domesticated. At long last the faith of the mundanes was that there were never unicorns and that horses could never grow horns. Or that perhaps Narwhals of the ocean or rhinoceros were perhaps unicorns. Don’t they know? Faith which is the root of all can not only create, it can also destroy. And so was the death of the proud race of the unicorn and the birth of the horse a simple alteration spell gone horribly wrong on a global scale.

These horses were made to work and pull carts their lot was an easy one. The proud dragons who were a source of great knowledge and wisdom. The theory of evolution was born of this science. The proud race of the dragons grew dumber and more lumbering. Idiots of what they once were so too the dragons passed into myth and fairy tales. And so were born the dinosaurs, which were transported 165 million years into the past to be killed by falling rocks and cold weather. A most humiliating demise for our most proud and noble brethren.

The springs and their healing waters still exist and still possess their power but water purification plants render them useless. Nobody will ever know that the bitter taste of these springs is what gives them their healing properties, that preserves health and restores youth.

The towers that once stood of our noble art were met with direct defiance. The mundanes with their rational training were immune to our spells. By virtue of their closed observation and faith in a mundane universe, the glow of the enchanted stones began to fade and disappear all together. While more machines grew to harness the forces of nature so too did our mage towers dwindle. At long last these too were common rocks. The rites to preserve their power was stricken from the memory of our brethren by mundanes “demanding to know the truth” and never being able to accept that magic was right in front of them the whole time. These new mundanes had perfect faith in a mundane world. And tremendous skill and talent in stealing faith from others. And so were once there were powerful mages towers, the mundanes believe to only be religion.

That’s their excuse for everything supernatural. It’s either fiction, or religion. It can never be anything else. Not possibly anything more advanced. Only religion. And even their view of religion is a crumbling empty shell of the vibrance it once was.

Mundanity is the power of emptiness. The power of rejection. The power to forget. The ability to see the truth and be blind to it. And worse demand, always demand more truth than what they were shown. Just so they can reject it just the same.

The power of mundanes is vast much more vast than anyone realizes. They don’t just ignore power. They aren’t just immune to it. They actively render it useless. A world that was once a thriving fairy land, is not far off from our modern earth today. Even if something supernatural happened right in front of a crowd of people it would be forgotten,dismissed as fiction before it was ever seen.

Even the demons fear to tread here now. Perhaps in time they too will fade.

Perhaps not. Of all things, a cruel world is something the mundanes will always believe in.

—- Seeker.

How I built my own solar power system.

Many people want to get solar power for their home for various reasons. Weather you want to save the environment. Do your part to help the nation get away from dependence on off shore resources. To save money. Or if you simply hate the power company.

My house is completely off grid. That means no public electricity and no public water.

My solar power system is no where near ideal, but it works and I built it very nearly for free. And yes that means I am in fact writing this entire article on solar power.

When building a solar power system it doesn’t take a lot of planning in fact no planning at all is ideal.
The heart of your power system is the panels. There’s no way around it. If all you have is panels you can generate some usable electricity. You may be able to search the internet for used ones when people are upgrading their system or beg some off of someone who has them,if you’re patient and lucky you may be able to have some for a song or very cheap. But chances are you’re just going to have to bite the bullet and buy them.

Confusion headaches which ones to buy? How much do they cost? Yuck!

Here’s what you need to know. Any solar panel less than 100 watts is impractical it’s just not going to put out enough juice to be worth the trouble. I would consider those to be toys unless you have say a riding lawnmower that you only use once a week and want something to keep the battery topped off while you’re not using it. Any solar panel kits. Build your own solar panel DIY whatever. They are just an awful lot of hassle. It’s just not worth it. The headache and trouble of soldering solar cells together will make you want to throw them across the room before you get the first one built.

So factory made solar panels are your best bet IF you want to have something that actually works.

My advice is to buy any 18V solar panel that’s over 100W. Why 18? Because it’s a sweet spot for a 12V battery system. In dim light and cloudy days it will still put some power into your batteries. And in bright light it will give a good charge to common 12V lead acid batteries, without too much risk of overcharging them in bright sun.

Ok now that you have your solar panels now you have some electricity to play with. It’s a low voltage DC so you can’t really shock yourself if you mess up. The wiring is very simple. It works just like a battery that only works when light shines on it.

The next step is you need some way to store that electricity. This is where batteries come in. Car batteries are very common and convenient. You can get them for free if you ask around. Even dead ones are good I know the owner of a small scrap yard who allows me to trade dead batteries for ones that can be reconditioned. It takes about 3 of them for every 100 watts of power.
It takes a little trading back and forth but eventually you can assemble a pretty good collection of batteries for practically free.

To check if a battery is good. Short it briefly with a thick wire. If it has any spark at all it’s most likely good. If the positive terminal is encrusted with a red brown color it was one that was well maintained during its service life. If it sparks at all the internal resistance is low enough that it will take a charge. Although about 1 in 3 of them may have a shorted cell or another issue preventing them from reaching full charge. I find ones that spark but have 9 volts or less on the volt meter are often this kind of issue.

Once you have a battery bank and solar panels a battery voltage indicator or LCD volt meter is a cheap and good investment.
These are a few dollars on ebay.

The next thing you need is an inverter. I recommend using at least a 400 watt inverter. Again anything less I would consider to be a toy. It will work but you won’t be very happy with the number of things you can’t use it for.

As a general rule your inverter should be roughly equal to or slightly less than the total wattage of your panels. On the high end your panels will generate power faster than you can possibly use,allowing your batteries the chance to overcharge or simply waste power. In severe cases this means boiling your batteries damaging and ruining them. This is what a charge controller is designed to prevent. On the low end the inverter will use more power in a day than your panels can possibly make. Which means you’ll be spending some of your evening hours in the dark. In severe cases it may take several days to fully recharge your battery bank.

Using these guidelines you can have something that not only works,but is practical for daily use.

If you would like help with this check out my store:

Until next time– Seeker.

How to tell a good elixir.

How to tell a good elixir.

#1 A good elixir should immediately charge up your body the moment it touches your tongue. #2 A good elixir should draw you in. You may want to keep it by your bed side. You may want to spend time near it’s container or wear it as jewelry. You may respond very positively to eating it, savoring it, taking the extra time to lick it off your fingers. #3 A good elixir is very gentile it should not have any harmful side effects. It should only feel like good food. The same way eating large quantities of fresh fruit or veggies make you feel. It should uplift you, and should not feel like a drug. It should not be addictive. #4 A good elixir taken consistently may alter your sleep patterns. You may have very vivid lucid dreams, and you may wake up in the middle of the night. The need for sleep at all may be significantly reduced. #5 A good elixir may improve your body’s basic functions. Thinking,learning,hearing,sense of smell,healing,regeneration. #6 a good elixir should work on its own. It should not require any special diets fasts, meditation, or other silly nonsense in order to work. It should however significantly reduce the length of time it takes to achieve results with anything you do physical or spiritual. #7 The effects that a good elixir gives you should be permanent. If you quit taking it any health benefits or healing should remain yours. Any mental benefits you gained should remain yours. Any psychic or spiritual benefits should remain yours. #8 The dose of a good elixir may be very small. Ranging between the size of a dime, to the size of a grain of rice,it may even have to be diluted and only a single drop taken.#9 The effects of a good elixir are cumulative. It may have an exponential benefit so that progressively smaller consecutive doses over many days have a much greater effect than much larger initial doses. #10 A good elixir should be bio-available. It should dissolve completely in water and not be chalky or powdery. #11 The effects of a good elixir should last. After you quit taking it the effects should gradually taper off over the course of a week or so. #12 Over time good elixir may gently heal things unexpected. It may heal the terminally ill. It may halt and even reverse the effects of aging. It may heal a broken heart. In my opinion this last one is the most precious and valuable of all.

Fiction?  No.
This is a product I currently use and enjoy. Click the pictures to find out more.

Wisdom from a nightmare.

I had a nightmare last night. I teleported myself to a rickety shack. It wasn’t particularly bad,just distinctly empty.
There was almost nobody there, except for someone I once cared about. She couldn’t see or hear me and she left and I was all alone.

I realized I was in hell, and I was going to be there for a long time to come.

I remembered the words of a good friend.

“When there is no good left. Not any at all. You have to create some.”

So I set to work on repairing the house I was at.

And I woke up with a song in my heart.

I believe this was meant for more than just me.
You see when so many bad things happen that you don’t have anywhere left to go.
Create some good right where you are.

—— Seeker.