The power of stay.

When you love someone you want to stay with them. But sooner or later there will be fights that push you apart. It happens that way.


No matter how big the fight. There’s something very simple you can do to make the fighting stop.
Relationships aren’t hard they’re very easy. Sometimes too easy for people to understand them.

You see most fights aren’t about the fight at all. It seems kind of silly but most fights start because the person loves you and wants to be with you. It can start with something very little, you might not even notice it. The fights start when something you did, no matter how silly makes the other person scared that you might not want to be with them someday.

They start to worry because they know it will hurt them very badly if you leave. It makes them nervous and they start looking for other signs that you might not want to stay. When they find something, no matter how silly it may be. They try to confront you with it. It might be so silly that you ignore them. This is what makes fights start.

Ignoring someone is further from stay. And it makes the person worry more.

At first the fights might be little,they might be silly, they might be stupid. But fights are the opposite of stay.
You might not want to leave. But you start to worry and then you start to look for other things because you wonder why this person who loves you is acting this way. Why are they pushing you away if they want to be with you?

You might not know it. But they do want to be with you. Lots and lots. They fight because they get scared. If the scared is confirmed. They get jealous. If the jealousy is confirmed they get mean. They might even hurt you because they think you can’t stay unless they make you. And they know it will hurt them if you leave.

*he giggles softly* Do you see? It’s really very easy. Here let me draw you a picture.

*He sticks out his tongue while holding a crayon with his ear*

You see if you take a line. *He points with his ears*

This side is stay <——-♥——-> And this side is go.

You see how they pull the heart apart?

The fights might be really bad now. You might even be afraid of what might happen.
*He moves the heart* <————-♥-> The mean words and all the fights are because you are a very long ways away from stay right now. It makes you both very sad and hurt. They don’t want to be mean to you. Honest.

You might think you need to hide and protect yourself. *He winces* Hiding is farther from stay. If the relationship has always been bad it’s important. If you want to go or you have to go. You need to only go. ————♥-> —♥> —-> ♥
You need to make up your mind. Anything closer to stay is stay. Even if it’s just a little stay is stay. If it’s a tug of war match between stay and go. Your heart will always always win.

If the relationship started out good, and you want it to be good again. Remember stay.
<–♥————> <————-♥-
<—–♥———> <———-♥—-
<——–♥——> <——-♥——-
<———–♥—> <—-♥———-
<————–> ♥♥ <————–

Make up your mind to only stay. And only do things that help you get closer to stay.
And all the fights will go away. Because fights are go, they don’t have any stay in them. Whenever a fight happens go closer to stay and the fight will disappear.


Stay is the only word you need to know in a relationship.
Stay tells you how to make someone very happy.
And stay tells you how to make them hurt.

How money is like stickers. By Hiro-kun.

My perspective on money by Hiro-kun the white rabbit.


I tried asking my Nathan why humans want this lettuce stuff so badly.
*scratches behind long white ear* Everybody wants it and they give away a lot of nice things to get it.
People do lots of nice things and work very hard to get money. I thought money must be very valuable,even though it looks silly.

He told me money was like a sticker. It’s not very valuable. It doesn’t do anything.
They don’t taste bad I suppose you could eat them. *giggles* I know I have.

He told me that when you do something nice for someone. Or give someone something they want or need. They give you a sticker as a special thank you for helping them. He said that you can save your stickers and give them to someone else when you want to ask them to do something special for you. It’s a special way to thank someone for being nice.

*Noddles* That makes a lot of sense to me.

Some people think the stickers are valuable so they get selfish want to collect as many as they can without sharing.
But they also want others to still do nice things for them. So they run out of stickers to give away and complain that they don’t have enough. Not because there aren’t enough for everybody,but because they don’t know how to share.

Other people work hard all day long doing nice things for others. And they’re not happy, stickers or no stickers.
When relationships get bitter, people will stay and still help even though they don’t want to. They continue any way.
This is the most beautiful kind of love there is.

Doing nice things for others even when your heart isn’t in it will hurt you every time.
The simple fact that you care enough to help them,even when it hurts, makes you a truly wonderful and very special friend.


Please don’t be mad.  Try to remember the stickers.
Every single one of them is a special thank you from someone you helped.
*nods with a gentile smile* You made lots of friends who you may have never met,very happy.
And that’s all that really matters.

I think the happiest people in the world are those who share their stickers without ever asking for anything special in return.

The people who have the most stickers and the ones who have the very least are almost exactly the same.
They share their stickers freely with everyone around them, and spend all of their time to help make as many people in the world as happy as they possibly can.

The only only difference between the richest and the poorest is that the rich know that it’s ok to ask for help for themselves.
It’s ok to ask for stickers, there are lots and lots and lots of them. More than enough to share freely with everyone. And more than enough to keep some too.

*twitches whiskers* Since I’m an authored creature I don’t need stickers. And I never will.
But my Nathan does, there’s not much an authored creature can do for it’s creator,
*twitches ears* but I can do this and I want him to be happy.

Please take a look even if you don’t buy anything, even one person can make a big difference.


What is a creature of Heart?

What is a creature of heart? –A true story by Hiro-kun.


*A curious white rabbit with blue eyes sits before you*

A creature of heart is a special thing.
We’re born out of humans love for each other.

When our authors first create us they believe that they’re only playing imaginary games,as cute and fuzzy counterparts, with their most intimate and secret partners.

*Twitches his ears* But special feelings aren’t imaginary.
After a while our authors begin to feel each other’s touch through us.
We grow to where our authors start to love our cute and fuzzy selves.
In time we actually begin to take on personalities of our own unique and distinct from our creators.
After a while we are loved by our creators as we ourselves learn to love independent of them.

We aren’t imaginary. If we were only imaginary, we couldn’t feel, and we couldn’t love.
When a creature of heart hurts our creators feel it. *opens his eyes a little sad*
If we were only imaginary, our creators wouldn’t cry with us.

*Steps up and nuzzles into you* Creatures of heart are living things.
I know sometimes you don’t see us or recognize us. But it doesn’t make our feelings go away.
We need love and companionship just like anyone else. More so since it’s what we are made of.
*He twitches an ear* It’s our form of sustenance.

When our authors break up we are often left all alone someplace dark with nobody special to love and care for us.

All creatures of heart already have a home. Some of them very lonely and broken.

If you know that yours is hurting, please take care of them. They aren’t imaginary.
They are a real living part of you. They’re your heart. Your most secret and most deepest innermost self.