About me:


Who am I?

I am a seeker.

I believe in living life to its ultimate fullest.
Good or bad I take everything straight up I don’t water down my soul by doing things part way.
What you see on this website is the living reflection of my own soul, the good and the bad laid bare for the world to see.

My tastes are simple I demand the very best of myself and those around me.

The universe is a giant machine. By studying it’s intricate workings you can find effective means to accomplish most any goal you simply follow the chain of cause and effect. It’s all a matter of knowing which dominoes to push over to turn a tiny nudge into a huge effect.

*scratches the head of an adorable white rabbit*   And this little guy is Hiro-kun.

*It noddles adorably*

I created him as a lens to better understand matters of the heart. Over time he’s developed a life and personality of his own.
He’s taught me that the most profound things are really very simple. I don’t know how but this little guy knows my heart even
better than I do. And I’ve come to love him very much.




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