A novel way to buy gold

People always tell you to invest in gold, but the problem with this is that gold doesn’t work as a currency in the modern economy.


If you take an actual gold bullion bar to any grocery store, you can’t buy food with it. You can’t buy gasoline, you simply can’t buy anything unless you want to take it to a pawn shop or some other place that buys gold, and exchange it at a loss for paper money. More than that you can’t buy

Well some genius out there fixed this problem and made gold a practical currency once again.


This website called bit gold allows you to buy gold in multiple countries and have it stored safely in guarded and insured vaults. It also allows you to make purchases measured in grams of gold, or in the currency of your choice. Using their system you may also buy gold with bit coin.

In addition to this they offer a debit card which allows you to withdraw your funds anywhere in the world from any ATM machine, or use it like you would any other debit or credit card.

One word of advice,when signing up for your account,keep your debit card handy and have a spare $180 on hand to deposit right away. As a promotional offer they give you a significant signup bonus if you are able to make a deposit in the first 5 minutes after creating your account.

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